Asia Cruise

We had an amazing time! The whole trip was fascinating and extremely enjoyable. We were very lucky with our guides and our health, and we even made it to Japan in time for the cherry blossoms. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip. We arrived in Singapore 4 days early to get over our… Continue reading Asia Cruise

Keeping in Touch

This year has brought many new and interesting experiences, as well as teaching me a lot about myself. I have always cherished time spent alone, but thanks to this year away, I have discovered that quality alone-time has a definite limit. I have had to be more pro-active than usual in seeking out the company… Continue reading Keeping in Touch


Like many people, I have a minor fascination with money and its multi-faceted nature. Money can be used for good, for evil, and everything in between. An amount which seems like a fortune to one person may be pocket change for another, or even for the exact same person at a different point in his… Continue reading Money